Yes, we are the folks who did the Canadian Province of Alberta Workers Compensation - Bill 6 Video.

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We are a full service film and television production house - from conception. to writing, production and post-production – we have created award winning dramas, commercials, comedy, documentaries, news and web/transmedia content.

Achimok Film & TV Inc. has worked internationally and specializes in working in remote areas and tough conditions.  We have filmed stories in Japan, USA, South America - in fact we are able to go to any location with a story that needs to be told.

We have worked jointly with a number of other production houses with much success and as with all our projects we are able to provide the storyteller with expert full professional production.

We go where the story is and tell that story.

Contact us if you have 'a story' to tell . . . . because story matters.


Culture, History, Teaching, Ceremony: We are particularly known for accurate and engaging recording of aboriginal oral history and oral tradition in English and Cree, and soon Dene and Blackfoot. Whether with roman orthography or Cree and/or Ojibwe syllabics, our work has been cited with positive appraisals on various transmedia platforms.

ᐨulᐟurᐁ,  ᐦᐃᐢᑐrᕀ,  ᑌᐊᒋᐣg,  ᒉrᐁᒧᐣᕀ:  ᐁᐧ  ᐊrᐁ  ᐸrᑎᐨulᐊrlᕀ  ᐠᓄᐤᐣ  fᐅr  ᐊᐨᐨurᐊᑌ  ᐊᐣd  ᐁᐣgᐊgᐃᐣg  rᐁᒍrdᐃᐣg  ᐅf  ᐊbᐅrᐃgᐃᓇl  ᐅrᐊl  ᐦᐃᐢᑐrᕀ  ᐊᐣd  ᐅrᐊl  ᐟrᐊdᐃᑎᐅᐣ  ᐃᐣ  ᐁᐣglᐃᐢᐦ  ᐊᐣd  ᐨrᐁᐁ,  ᐊᐣd  ᓱᐅᐣ  dᐁᓀ  ᐊᐣd  blᐊᐨᐠfᐅᐅᐟ᙮  ᐧᐦᐁᐟᐦᐁr  ᐃᐧᐟᐦ  rᐅᒪᐣ  ᐅrᐟᐦᐅgrᐊᑊᐦᕀ  ᐅr  ᐨrᐁᐁ  ᐊᐣd/ᐅr  ᐅjᐃbᐁᐧ  ᐢᕀllᐊbᐃᐨᐢ,  ᐅur  ᐅᐧrᐠ  ᐦᐊᐢ  bᐁᐁᐣ  ᓯᑌd  ᐃᐧᐟᐦ  ᐳᓯᑎvᐁ  ᐊᑊᑊrᐊᐃᓴlᐢ  ᐅᐣ  vᐊrᐃᐅuᐢ  ᐟrᐊᐣᐢᒣdᐃᐊ  ᑊlᐊᐟfᐅrᒼᐢ᙮


  Need to tell Your Story


A successful visual strategy can make a difference in telling your story.  

Story changes the world, it can change minds & lives, it can obtain justice for those without a voice.  Why?  Because story matters.



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