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        Note from Producer              

We think telling a story gives power, to the storyteller, to 'a people'.

All peoples have the right and responsibility to determine their destiny.

We are not about relentlessly moaning and grumbling about the negative mainstream imagery of Native people – not all solutions begin with ‘what can the government do for us’ or ‘people are mean to us’.

Why?  For a couple reasons, first power is always given, it is never taken, so we don’t give power to white supremacist or self-hating Natives who natter on about the white/male/patriarchal oppression. Is there racist and oppression? Yes. But we have a voice and responsibility to assist others to the extent possible in giving them voice also.

Frankly, in our experience, we don’t think non-Natives - white, black, brown or green - are any more organized or capable than us of mass planning of oppression.

We are all about telling positive and healthy, or sometimes unhealthy narratives, rather than waiting and dreaming in hope to snag ‘good’ things from non-Natives. We are not fort Indians standing at the back of the fort, yearning for bread crumbs to be tossed down.

Lack of sunlight – the light of day – is what allows evil to have it’s way – silence is the underpinning and main element of all tyranny.

Natives don’t have the market cornered on injustices, so we accept responsibility for our own self-determination.

Our lives are so beautiful – we don’t allow the garish scowl of frustration or anger to blind us to the splendor.

We don’t stay within the bounds of the familiar, nor do we play it safe, not all who wander are lost.