Professional Production
Achimok Film & TV has worked with small businesses, start-ups to international corporations, government, educational organizations and various communities.

Assured. Vibrant. Energetic
Achimok Film & TV Inc. provides assets that will distinguish your finished production from your competitors and ensure your story is presented in the strongest fashion possible.
From conceptual to finished delivery, Achimok Film & TV Inc. can create a dynamic and engaging end product that helps you get your story out to the world.

One Stop Procurement
Achimok Film & TV Inc. has the experience and skill-set to take your ideas from concept, to script, through production to post-production. Many of our clients have returned to utilize our services again for commercials, industrial work, documentaries (short and full-length) and transmedia presentation of the finished product. Whether you need is big or small, rough or polished – Achimok can help you tell your story.

Achimok has worked with many clients in creating ‘transmedia’ projects which is a narrative that extends beyond multiple media forms – which may be interactive across specific social media platforms – that also plays to the strength those forms in a collaboration to tell a compelling story that engages the viewer.