Achimok Film & TV

We are a Film and Television production company with team members who:

- are majority Native American, and have worked on studio films, and internationally successful television series, and independent projects

- come from a background in professional theater producing, and/or acting.

- have, or have had, day jobs working as: attorneys (2), a banker (1), a paramedic, a shoe repairman, a successful businessman, an equestrian, a starving artist (1), a not so starving artist (1), and military.  


Achimok Bug


  1. All art feeds and develops the mind and soul.
  2. The ability to tell stories is an obligation and a gift. We honour the uniqueness of each community, family, person, and voice we work with.
  3. If an individual, or a people, don't tell their story, there are always the ill advised, hard-hearted and hostile who are happy to appoint themselves to tell anothers story, but always to their own gain.
  4. The language of film allows one to express visually what can't be expressed in ‘words’ only, especially the ‘words of a dominant culture’.

  5. Great film and storytelling should be unlimited. 
  6. Like life, storytelling is about choice, each individual eventually can find his or her own path (be it good or destructive), but the more information one has - then the more informed, healthy and better for one’s community and oneself - are the choices any person makes.

  7. It's easy to teach and assist somebody to be like ‘me’ or ‘us’– it takes courage to mentor someone to be themselves.

  8. A great film requires an open mind.
  9. Life and Art learning - never ends, never, like never . . .them's the rules.