Achimok Film & TV has been signed to produce some TV spots for the Comedy Group:


From their media kit . . . 

‘An Indian, some Half-Breeds & a White Guy’ is an innovative self-contained Aboriginal comedy crew made up of:

                                                                    (just in case that wasn't clear)


Their Aboriginal, Native American focused political satire and spoof is presented in a post-structuralist stream of consciousness approach, always pushing the boundaries of style and content – and some would, and have said, good taste.

 Their sketch ‘Certify me White’ is a classic.

They like to 'say' their gigs are "an experience in radical relativistic form and content" -but they only like to 'say' that because their token white guy is in university and is trying to recover some credits by writing "bovine scatology”  about the group.

"bovine scatology?”   --> look it up on Urban Dictionary

Not a fan of rules or authority, both discarded in favor of humor which is biting, and frankly, just damn funny.

Their visual and linguistic complexity – darn near approaching burlesque – ya ain’t seen before.

”Someone just has to say it sometimes, might as well be us”

If you are over 40, you might want to wear your depends!


The White Guy - yeah, we don't know what the heck is going on here either. Is he going to bite it, have it for lunch?  Is he on a date with it ?  Why is he in the jungle?