[  NEWS :  Achimok Film & TV have been granted media credentials for the INDIAN NATIONAL FINALS RODEO: 2014 Indian National Finals be held at the South Point Hotel and Equestrian Center Las Vegas Nevada November 4 - 8, 2014 ]


INDIAN RODEO has an inspiring past, and hard earned reputation which makes Indian Rodeo a robust grouping within the Rodeo world, and one that Native and Non-Native alike, find exciting to watch and be part of.

ACHIMOK & RODEO:  We are recognized around the Rodeo Circuit - Achimok has an earned reputation for getting the footage and still photos that others seem unable to.  Why? We are aboriginal, our crew have equine experience, and are part of the community sharing the same unflinching spirit.


For Native Indians of North America, be it working with regional associations, or being part of the International Competition Finals – rodeo empowers Native Communities, and especially youth, with positive role modeling through competition while embracing tradition within a sense of pride in the Native American Indian evolving and flourishing culture.


The Indian Rodeo Circuit has endured as a significant part of Native American life and stands today as a cultural landmark and testament to the strength of the Native Spirit and the men and women who have persevered and attained standing amongst the world’s best Rodeo Contestants.





The story of INDIAN RODEO is one of courage and history - and because story matters - it needs to be told.