Casting Services

Achimok Film & TV Inc. is able to provide casting services to film, television, video and marketing companies who are looking for suitable actors for consideration. We are flexible and able to work long hours and in any environments required. Our casting personnel have backgrounds and training in theatre, film and business pursuits.


A targeted casting call, including the ability to obtain any specific skill or unique talents required.

Prompt reviewing actors promotional material including, but not limited to, headshots, demo and/or voice over reels, resumes and pre-screening of candidates for serious consideration by directors and producers.

If required auditions can be recorded in HD. 

We deal with many aboriginal performers, some who live in de-centralized communities, accordingly if current headshots or industry standard resumes are required, we secure same from candidates as part of our services. We access a professional photographer with experience of professional film and television needs.

 Facilitation of call backs and secondary auditions as required by directors and/or producers for their project.

 We also are able to provide casting for background performers, stand-ins, and voice work performers.

 We are available on a flat rate basis, or hourly, daily and weekly rates in accordance with industry standards.


Contact us to discuss your needs.