Over in seconds or minutes?

Release from Alberta Health Services on February 9, 2015

"The term ‘red alert’ is used to refer to a point in time when all transport ambulances in a geographical area are busy helping patients,” said AHS EMS Chief Paramedic Darren Sandbeck in the statement. "These situations are usually over within seconds or minutes and EMS will always respond to emergencies by repositioning units from other communities, deferring non-urgent transfers, deploying supervisors or using single paramedic response units to provide care until an ambulance is available for transport. We know some front line staff are frustrated with system pressures.   Leadership, across Alberta Health Services, is listening to concerns and working with staff to help find ways to improve our ability to provide high quality care to patients, when and where they need it.” (emphasis added)

http://globalnews.ca/news/1821039/anonymous-paramedics-tweet-when-no-ambulances-are-available-in-alberta/Coming Soon.
Interesting, especially when photos from dispatch computers show that Code Reds have occurred well over seconds and minutes.

 AHS has since the social campaign started put in new rules for dispatch that they can not take cell phones into dispatch - if there is nothing to 'hide' then why the concern.  Patient privacy?  These are dispatch times and Code Reds - moreover AHS likes to issue press releases about motor vehicle accidents and other emergencies as part of their public face.