Could AHS* Sue Us for this documentary?

For what?  Allowing citizens to tell their story?  Lets hope the decay of democracy has not gone that far in our society.


Not to be cavalier about it, but that type of publicity would be very very expensive for us to buy, and you can't stop people from suing you.  Also, we have insurance for this type of thing, and are not overly reckless in our filmmaking.  Additionally, two of our group have law degrees, so we are not worried.

Plus a complete defense to defamation is ‘what we said is the truth.’ In Alberta further to the Defamation Act, RSA 2000, c. D-7, there is protection for fair comment and such. [click on the name of the act and it'll open a PDF of this statute]

Further to a large number of questions we've been asked - could AHS go after Medics who share ‘inside information’ – as a point of information the answer is likely YES. Certainly it would be unprofessional to share confidential patient information and would no doubt attract the attention of the Alberta College of Paramedics.

As to what AHS may or may not do? They do have what appears to be basically free legal services via Alberta Justice Civil Division – but so what – are we to consciously imprison ourselves with fear?  AHS can, and will do, what they want to do.



* We recently were filming in Japan and have travelled elsewhere internationally *

*Sorry, some of our international supporters kept asking what is an 'AHS?' - good question because it keeps changing.

 AHS is Alberta Health Services and is the Government Arm that controls the largest share of the Province of Alberta Budget - Health Care.  It is continually in the news because of it's continual ongoing inability to fulfill it's mandate to the satisfaction of the citizens who are also known as 'the people.'


* 申し訳ありませんがいくつか国際的支持者変化し続けるので'AHS?' - よい質問問い続けた

AHS のアルバータ州保健サービスありアルバータ州予算 - 医療最大シェア制御する政府ですそれ継続的にニュースそれの継続的な進行中無力ための '人' として知られている市民満足それの任務達成するため


* Sorry, hat einige unserer internationalen Fans gefragtwas ist ein 'AHS?' -gute Frageweil es verändernhält.

AHS ist Alberta Health Services und der Regierung-Arm, der den größtenTeil der Provinz Alberta Budget - Gesundheitswesen steuert. Es ist ständig inden
 Medien wegen seiner kontinuierlichen laufenden Unfähigkeit dasMandat zur 
Zufriedenheit der Bürger zu erfüllen, die auch bekannt als "dasVolk"